SHIVAPRIYA SCHOOL OF DANCE, a non profitable trust is a dance institution of repute which has been coaching more than 200 students in Bharatanatyam and Kudhupudi dance form successfully since 1988. The students of the institution have performed at several prestigious National and International dance festival such as the Mysore Dusserra festival, Purandarotsava and Pallavotsava and Natarajotsava, Ankura dance festival , Flock dances of India festival at Muscut,  Thanjavoor dance festival, Karnataka vaibhava-Singapore etc. Many students have successfully completed the Junior, Senior and Proficiency exams conducted by the Karnataka Secondary Education Board. Several students have performed their Rangapravesha (debut performance) , receiving rave reviews from art critics and are professional performers and teachers today. Shivapriya the brain child of Dr. Sanjay Shantharam was established 24 years ago with a handful of keen learners, and have successfully bloomed into a premier centre of performing arts. The students of Shivapriya are also taught the theoretical aspects of dance thus enriching their knowledge about the history,  growth and development of this ancient art form.

Workshops & Shows

The school conducts several dance festivals, workshops and lecture demonstrations by eminent Gurus who are invited from outside and also exposes the students to various other forms of dance such as Mime, Kuchipudi, Kalari, Power Yoga to mention a few. All related to dance techniques. Dr Sanjay has the credit of giving more than 2000 shows for various organisations , corporates , companies