Dance School

Shivapriya, the brain child of Dr. Sanjay, was started humbly twenty four years ago with a handful of students.  Today  the institute has blossomed into a full-fledged dance school training more than 200 students in the divine art forms of Bharatanatyam and Kuchupudi along with innovative dances as well as insights into choreography, both traditional and thematic. What started off as hobby to Dr. Sanjay developed into a deep passion and commitment thus enabling the dance school to grow into nearly 200 students and form eminent teachers.

The students here are initiated into the nuances of temple Art form of Bharatanatyam which has a history of several centuries and being a creation of pious sage Bharata after Lord Brahma created the fifth veda called the Natyaveda and gave it to Bharata. The dance form has received acclaim and Shivapriya feels blessed to be one among the several dance schools to be imparting the knowledge of art selflessly and devotedly.

Students are exposed to Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam and are taught different levels by Dr. Sanjay, N. Sajini, S Radhika and Kruthika. The school recently opened its branch at Kunigal is handled by gurus Devaraju and Gopalakrishna. The well trained teachers are all senior disciples of Guru Dr. Sanjay Shantharam and follow his principles of hard work, Impartiality, commitment and Humbleness all which have made Institution a popular one it is today.

The school conducts several dance festivals, workshops and lecture demonstrations by Eminent Gurus who are invited from outside and also exposes the students to vsrious other forms of art such as Mime, Kuchipudi, Kalari, Power Yoga etc., all relate to Indian dances.

Students are trained to take up the Karnataka State Government Junior,Senior and Viwath exams and also State and Central  Scholarships. They are provided several platforms to perform based on their talent and also exclusively to present their debut-The- Arangatrum. The school has kids attending from the age of 5 yrs to Adults 30 plus, all learning at different batches and levels.

The dance school is situated at Kumara park, the heart of Bengaluru, well connected by public transports.

Productions by Shivapriya Dance School

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