The Gita Gnyana Yagnya 2016

The Gita Gnyana Yagnya 2016

As part of Gurushishya Paramapara series, myself along with Shekar Rajendran  will be presenting “Geethopadesham”a message through Bhagavad Gita for The Gita Gnyana Yagnya 2016,on 26th December 2016  at Chowdiah Memorial Hall at 6: 30 pm.
We are very honored and proud to be presenting this piece for Sandipini Gurukula the organisers who are  celebrating their journey of 18 years in teaching and training students on Bhagavad Gita and more on our Indian values and culture.
Please do join us today and let’s support Sandipini Gurukula who are serving the society selflessly for years and more.

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